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Gepubliceerd op 14 april 2021 om 07:00

General Liederkranz vertelde in januari dat zijn project voor 2021 was om iedere week een foto van de Techno-Vipers te posten onder de hashtag #techovipertuesday. Dat deed hij voorlopig iedere week en dat leverde de onderstaande prachtige plaatjes op!👌🏽❤

Wat kan G.I. Joe fotografie toch mooi zijn. Paars, paars en nog eens paars! Wil je nog meer paarse Techno-Vipers zien? Vergeet hem dan niet te volgen op Twitter... 🙏🏼

Yo Joe!!! 👊🏽

Week 1


Week 2

"Techno-Viper squad cleans up after a couple of HISS tanks have a run-in with the #GIJoe MBT Mauler."


Week 3

"A squad of Techno-Vipers trades their tools for SMGs and TNT when the Baroness orders them to tackle an enemy bunker. From the file card: “They also function as sappers and are always called on as the first wave in assaulting a heavily fortified position!”#TechnoViperTuesday"


Week 4

"Crystal Ball isn’t too reliable as an interrogator. Some Cobra bigwigs even wonder if he’s scamming them with the “hypnosis” thing. So there are always a few Techno-Vipers on hand to question captives with "technical" methods."


Week 5

"Techno-Vipers are trained and equipped to go anywhere that their abilities may be needed for Cobra’s nefarious schemes. Their suits can even be configured with internal heaters for arctic missions."


Week 6

"When Zartan’s siblings come up with a diabolical scheme to tunnel inside a secret US government installation, who do you think drives the Buzz Boar to dig the tunnel for them?"


Week 7

"Repairing HISS tanks in the field sometimes means dealing with impatient customers."


Week 8

"When WOLFs pull up to a Cobra arctic base with their missile racks empty and their engines running on fumes, someone has to run out into the sub-zero arctic twilight to get them refueled, rearmed, de-iced, and turned around for another sortie."


Week 9

Before Cobra had Incinerators, two-man teams of Techno-Vipers handled the flamethrowers. (They are combat engineers, after all.) One man handles the flamethrower while the assistant gunner carries extra fuel and provides security."


Week 10

"Despite their failures in Special Missions #20, I think Techno-Vipers make pretty good WOLF commanders."


Week 11

Another common role for Techno-Vipers, is leading the "Leaky Suit Brigade." Toxo-Vipers have special training, but since most of them are there against their will, it helps to have officers or NCOs with technical knowledge supervising them."


Week 12

“When a Cobra unit is losing a battle they will dispense B.A.T.S. into the midst of the firefight in order to evacuate the area easily.” — if one freezes up, who do you think has to step out, turn his back to the enemy, and get it working again?"


Week 13

"Even the most routine maintenance jobs can be dangerous if GI Joe infiltarators show up."


Week 14

"It takes a lot of work to get a Cobra mobile aerial recon unit into the sky, but it's worth having them up there. The Techno-Vipers play a crucial role."


Week 15

"The Commander loves his new holo-communicator, but the thing is very unreliable, requiring a whole team of Techno-Vipers and Tele-Vipers just to keep it running. And no one wants to see the Commander's temper if it breaks again."


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