Voorlopig zijn er 3 beschrijvingen van dit figuur. Een Nederlandse vertaling zal volgen wanneer een definitieve tekst voor zijn profiel bekend is. Voor nu de Engelse omschrijvingen met een link naar de bron.

Maniac, one of Dr Killjoy's most trusted operatives, Maniac is often sent for recon and intelligence gathering. His love of driving anything fast gets him to and from these missions without haste.

Maniac is totally unpredictable though, and really is a danger to anyone around him.

Watch yourself! Maniac is on the loose!

Maniac, one of Killjoy’s most trusted agents. Completely unhinged and disassociated from reality, we will never see the world as he does - through his highly altered version of the world. 

Has a habit of using vehicles as weapons, to great effect. Trusts no one - which is actually handy in a group of self-serving super villains. Loyal to Killjoy only because of the long leash he's given and lack of accountability.

Maniac is absolutely dangerous and lethal to every living person near him. And that's exactly what Killjoy likes about him.

The Reckless Racer

Pretty little streets, all lined up - making those safe and predictable patterns. Laws to reassure the vulnerable when walking home. Lights and signs and rules and restraint. Not for me. Cars are weapons, my foot revs the trigger. BAM! - shooting down the barrel of a sidewalk. A half ton of steel firing at 90 mph, aimed at your caution and order.

Society creates security. I unleash chaos.


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