Voorlopig zijn er 2 beschrijvingen van dit figuur. Een Nederlandse vertaling zal volgen wanneer een definitieve tekst voor zijn profiel bekend is. Voor nu de Engelse omschrijvingen met een link naar de bron.


C.H.A.O.S.'s second in command is the man (?) known as Swampfire!

Just a year ago, Swampfire pulled himself together seemingly from the swamp itself, and wandered amnesiac and aimlessly until Killjoy took notice. With his ability to project fire and a paranormal tie to the natural world, Swampfires abilities come in pretty handy.

Since he's built a life anew this year at 'The Tomb' (C.H.A.O.S.'s secret lair), he has proven to be a brilliant planner and fantastic leader, earning him the top spot of all of Killjoys agents.

Hot and Smoldering

He’s been told his name was Salvatore Pantano. Before. Whe he was, you know, alive. He was Salvatore Pantano and he was caught up in some low level gangster plot. He overstepped and was shot and dumped in the swamp.

Conveniently, two witches found him. They attempted all of their magics on his corpse, but it was no use. So they put his body back where they found it. A year later, he emerged. Not alive. Not human. He was the swamp now. He had merged with it. He can use it to feel far away. But also, those gases are flamable. And he likes to use that pretty fire.


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