Voorlopig zijn er 2 beschrijvingen van dit figuur. Een Nederlandse vertaling zal volgen wanneer een definitieve tekst voor zijn profiel bekend is. Voor nu de Engelse omschrijvingen met een link naar de bron.


This mischievous prankster pulls everything from innocuous little jokes, to harrowing and life threatening stunts - with deadly results. Almost like his sense of humor isn't quite human.

He claims to be a lesser demon, who through one of his tricks, ended up escaping to Earth. But that can't be real, right? He can't actually be a demon?

Like a foreigner who's trying to fit in but just doesn't really 'get' the culture no matter how hard they try, Halloween doesn't understand the fragility of human life. He thinks its all a game and if people don't live through his fun and jokes and pranks, it's just part of the game, and they lost. Haha!

The Spirit of Fear

Although he claims to be an otherworldy spirit, trapped on Earth, just trying to make the best of it – he can’t be serious, right? I mean, that’s just too far-fetched. His transparent, almost firey translucent skin is something to behold, sure. But it’s all a parlor trick, right?

He revels in spookiness. Delights in scaring people. He’ll do whatever it takes to set the atmosphere, of well, fear. Human or not, he’s a murderer, terrorizer, and totally unpredictable. Stay the hell away from him if you can.


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