Voorlopig zijn er 2 beschrijvingen van dit figuur. Een Nederlandse vertaling zal volgen wanneer een definitieve tekst voor zijn profiel bekend is. Voor nu de Engelse omschrijvingen met een link naar de bron.


This slow and lumbering agent of determination and violence is Killjoys most reliable operative. The Doctor uses him as a slow motion guided missile in low gear - as once Buzzkill has you in his sights, he will never give up until he reaches that target - whether it takes days, weeks, or sequels.

He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't participate. He doesn't bathe or eat or speak, but he has a 100% mission success rate, and whats scarier than that for a chainsaw weilding horror villain?

Inhuman? or Un-human

Wants desperately to not be human. An uneducated version of Dr. Kilgore. Constantly performing minor surgeries on himself to do things such as replacing his hand with a chainsaw.

Subject was likely abused or traumatized as a youth, and is dissasociative with society and humanity. This is likely why he keeps removing parts of himself to turn himself into an unfeeling robot. This is also why he likely kills people.


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