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Coming Late Summer 2023: Criminal Hordes Assembled to Overthrow the System

Your heroes may have fought off the sprawling criminal organization, or arch nemesis, or gang of thugs that they set out to, but they haven't seen anything like CHAOS! Dr. Killjoy has gathered thousands of villains - from A-list to Z, to terrorize the world, sowing panic and confusion. It'll take your best heroes to hold back the legions upon legions of nasties and ne'er-do-wells Killjoy throws at you!  

When is CHAOS coming?

Although we would love to dive right into it, we want to make sure Legends of the Hidden Force comes out without a hitch first. So although we hope to be able to launch in 6 months, it may get pushed back to make way for Hidden Force being the best it can be.

Enjoy a sneak peek at a handful of character biographies for now. Check back soon for some early looks at these key characters of CHAOS!  

Dr Killjoy
Physician at Large

Brilliant beyond measure – likely due to the decade of impalnts, transplants, and infusions he’s performed on himself to unlock his brain to it’s full potential. Now that it has, he’s gone a touch mad with knowledge. His field of expertise? Cybernetics. His obsession? Conquering Death. A modern day Dr. Frankenstein – he abides to no moral code in stitching, amputating, sawing, splicing or resurrecting any body on his operating table.

The Reckless Racer

Pretty little streets, all lined up - making those safe and predictable patterns. Laws to reassure the vulnerable when walking home. Lights and signs and rules and restraint. Not for me. Cars are weapons, my foot revs the trigger. BAM! - shooting down the barrel of a sidewalk. A half ton of steel firing at 90 mph, aimed at your caution and order.

Society creates security. I unleash chaos.

Mistress of Poisons

Hemlock started on a path of magic. She pursued magic study fervently through her youth and early adult years. As a byproduct she became an excellent forager, botanist, herbalist, astronomer, guide, and more. She gave it all up when her sect’s leader took advantage of her and the others – leaving them penniless and worse. Her faith destroyed, she got into the new age miracle-cure (snake oil) racket.

The Damsel of Deception

Salem is the ‘cauldron and potions’ and long-term spells type of witch, Not the waving a wand type. I mean, is she even a witch? Is she not just a chemist? Or a chef? She blends things together following a recipe, producing a reliable result. Sounds like science to me. Nah – that’s her way of justifying it. She’s not making fireworks or duck l’orange. She’s cursing people to a life of pain. She’s creating mind control potions, she’s making men fall in love with her (so she can rob them blind) and manipulating perceptions of everyone around her. She’s a witch. A horrible, life destroying witch. You’re just disarmed because she’s beautiful and rich and not what you’d expect when you picture what a witch should look like. Or maybe she is, and you’re just under her spell?

Killjoy's Robo-Domo

Has no memory. No identity. She once lived – and died - she thinks. Does she think? Or is it a program? She was ressurected and rebuilt by Killjoy, as his ideal woman. Built to his specifications, not capable of independent thought. Heightened strength, Thick armor. Perfect servitude. Unfathomably dangerous, she is his shield, his sword, and his maiden.

She is the swiss army knife of companions, concealling endless hidden weapons and features. But most dangerous of all, is she’s starting to remember...

Precision Incarnate

It takes 1.2 seconds to walk through a door. It takes 4.2 seconds to disarm the guard. 8.9 seconds to enter the bank lobby. 11.3 seconds to announce our intentions. 94.2 seconds for the trembling manager to open the vault. There is a 5 minute fail-safe timer, which allows us to secure every person in the building. It would normally take 3 minutes, 52.2 seconds for the police to arrive – unless there were an accident on the bridge due to a scheduling error, delaying events by 5 minutes, 18.5 seconds. It takes 72.7 seconds for this specific crew to fill 6 bags with 1.1 million dollars in cash, each. It takes 48.1 seconds to exfiltrate the bank, laden. It takes 19.2 seconds to get in the van. It takes 24.8 seconds to blend into traffic.

With 13.4 seconds before the rerouted police arrive.

The Electro-Magnetic Man

Do you know how easy it is to commit crime when you hold sway over electricity and magnetism? It’s so easy that when you find you wield these powers, it’s hard to consider anything else. Safes, Security Systems, Records, Computers, Doors – all at his every whim. When he creates an embodying field, it even slightly deflects metals. He makes millions each day that he feels like putting in the effort. But for what purpose? Thankfully CHAOS needs him - his abilities, and his money. Now he has a reason. And there’s no stopping him.

The Void King

Existence is perpetually trudging towards it’s ultimate state – the heat death of the universe. We are an infection. An error. Life works against the goals of all-that-there-is. The abyss beckons. It wants ‘end’. I devote my all to rectify this... mutation. This... deviance. This... life.

Inhuman? or Un-human

Wants desperately to not be human. An uneducated version of Dr. Kilgore. Constantly performing minor surgeries on himself to do things such as replacing his hand with a chainsaw.

Subject was likely abused or traumatized as a youth, and is dissasociative with society and humanity. This is likely why he keeps removing parts of himself to turn himself into an unfeeling robot. This is also why he likely kills people.

Hot and Smoldering

He’s been told his name was Salvatore Pantano. Before. Whe he was, you know, alive. He was Salvatore Pantano and he was caught up in some low level gangster plot. He overstepped and was shot and dumped in the swamp.

Conveniently, two witches found him. They attempted all of their magics on his corpse, but it was no use. So they put his body back where they found it. A year later, he emerged. Not alive. Not human. He was the swamp now. He had merged with it. He can use it to feel far away. But also, those gases are flamable. And he likes to use that pretty fire.

Revenge of the Underworld

A life of hardship and strife is all she has known. Growing up in a Yakuza household as the sole daughter in a house full of brothers meant she had to scream to be heard, fight to be seen, dominate to be equal. This inevitably made her the toughest, nastiest, and most resilent under that roof. One by one, her family fell to the ebbing corrosion of crime. They did not possess her skills or abilities or wiliness to navigate through that life of violence. At 24, she ended up as the sole survivor, and heir to their petty little crime ring. She has negligable financial ambition. She’s not in it for the money. She IS anger. She is violence. She is revenge.

The Spirit of Fear

Although he claims to be an otherworldy spirit, trapped on Earth, just trying to make the best of it – he can’t be serious, right? I mean, that’s just too far-fetched. His transparent, almost firey translucent skin is something to behold, sure. But it’s all a parlor trick, right?

He revels in spookiness. Delights in scaring people. He’ll do whatever it takes to set the atmosphere, of well, fear. Human or not, he’s a murderer, terrorizer, and totally unpredictable. Stay the hell away from him if you can.

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