Dr. Killjoy

Voorlopig zijn er 2 beschrijvingen van dit figuur. Een Nederlandse vertaling zal volgen wanneer een definitieve tekst voor zijn profiel bekend is. Voor nu de Engelse omschrijvingen met een link naar de bron.

Dr. Killjoy is the benefactor and leader of the organization. A brilliant Cyberneticist, he has made his fortune by knocking off all of his competitors and acquiring their patents. He now has a stranglehold over the world when it comes to cybernetics. Not the most exciting way to become a near billionaire, but the methods of acquiring vast wealth rarely are...

Killjoy has become tired of constantly having his nefarious plots foiled by do-gooders and self proclaimed 'heroes'. So he's reached out to every single 'like minded individual (or group)' across the world and invited them to join him as they collaborate to make an army capable of taking out each others enemies.

This is C.H.A.O.S.

Dr Killjoy
Physician at Large

Brilliant beyond measure – likely due to the decade of impalnts, transplants, and infusions he’s performed on himself to unlock his brain to it’s full potential. Now that it has, he’s gone a touch mad with knowledge. His field of expertise? Cybernetics. His obsession? Conquering Death. A modern day Dr. Frankenstein – he abides to no moral code in stitching, amputating, sawing, splicing or resurrecting any body on his operating table.


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