Cobra Coyote - Custom door Tim 121RVC

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2020 om 07:00

Op het forum van postte Tim 121RVC zijn nieuwe custom voertuig, de Cobra Coyote, welke wij graag met jullie delen. Dit was de omschrijving van Tim:

In het Engels, want ik had het al op Joecustoms gepost:
I made this for a Vamp/Stinger customizing contest on Blood Brigades FB page. I didn't want to do a weapons swap + different paintjob only, so I challlenged myself using parts and styrene to almost completely change the look while still keeping a little bit of Stinger recognizable.

Stinger ‘84 (front half)
Snow Cat ‘85 (wheels)
AWE Striker ‘85 ("sidesteps")
Radar Rat ‘89 (the things on the sides)
Piranha ‘90 (back gun)
Metal-Head ’90 missile box (hood rocket launcher)
Mudbuster '92 (back half)
Patriot ‘92 (bumper)
Chap Mei cannon on top
Styrene (several stuff, e.g. new axles, the hood)

I knew I was going to paint it in a desert scheme, but I had doubts until the very last moment (when I was about to put the decals on it 8-O ) about who was going to use it: G.I.Joe or Cobra. Yes, the Joes already had the Vamp II and Desert Fox, but it would look great with Dusty V1 driving it. Still went for Cobra because they´re lacking desert vehicles.
The small missile launcher on the hood might look out of place, but I see this Cobra Coyote driving full speed at a gate or checkpoint, blasting away a road obstacle with those missiles. Supported by fire from the top cannon this vehicle is very suitable for quick attack operations!


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