G.I. Joe Art - David Saavedra

Gepubliceerd op 4 februari 2024 om 11:11

Van David Saavedra vind ik helaas maar 1 illustratie die thuis hoort in ons archief met G.I. Joe Art, maar deze is wel erg tof! De baroness, met de volgende omschrijving:

"Anastasia Cisarovna, better known as "The Baroness" is the intelligence officer of Cobra, the terrorist organization that seeks to take over the world and is always fighting against the command G.I.JOE in the popular Hasbro toy line.

This "femme fatale" first appeared in the comic book series published by Marvel Comics in the late 80s. In a time of hormonal turmoil, the Baroness became the fetish of a generation of teenagers. This black haired beauty had the charms that every sexy evil must have: had the seduction of a school teacher wearing those framed glasses that gave her all her authority and the slim black leather suit completed his air of dominatrix.

I planned long ago to​​ draw this character, which match very well to the pin-up style and have already been drawn by many other artists.

Although the concept was simple, the drawing has seen many changes since the day I started to designing it. Finally I added many details to the dress and worked hard the leather shine."

Yo Joe! 👊🏽



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