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Livio Ramondelli staat vooral bekend om zijn grote hoeveelheid Transformers illustraties, ik ben echt door duizenden afbeeldingen heen gegaan, het was een enorme klus. Want toen ik op zijn DeviantArt deze CoCo zag, hoopte ik daar mmeerG.I. Joe te vinden, want jeetje wat is deze illustratie vet! 🔥🔥🔥

Maar ik had toch echt zijn FacebookInstagram en X/Twitter nodig om dit overzicht te kunnen vullen. Op zijn YouTube  helaas geen Joe-videos, maar ook het wereldwijde web heeft me dit maal weer goed geholpen. Het was een hele reis, waarin ik meer en meer vond. Van snelle tekeningen tot uitgebreid drieluik van Infestation 2 Covers! 💪🏽😎👑

Onderstaan ALLE G.I. Joe Art van Livio Ramondelli welke ik kon vinden, in chronologische volgorde. Daaronder Blanc Sketch Cover, van TF/G.I. Joe, waar Transformers op geïllustreerd zijn. Maar dat is geen straf om naar te kijken, en omdat het Joe-Covers zijn, mag dit natuurlijk niet ontbreken.

Mocht ik iets hebben gemist, let me know!

Yo Joe! 👊🏽


"A non-robot cover I did, this one for GI Joe: Infestation"

16 maart 2012



"GI Joe cover I did as part of IDW's Infestation 2. Asked to ink it for a collector this week, which was fun and a nice change of pace. #stormshadow #snakeeyes "

5 maart 2014




Infestation G.I. Joe #2 - Retail Incentive Cover

  • Valentine de Landro - Pencils
  • Livio Ramondelli - Inks
  • John Rauch - Colors

28 maart 2012


Cobra Commander

"Drawn at Phoenix CC."

25 mei 2012


Infestation II wraparound cover

"Wraparound cover for the three trades collecting IDW's Infestation II event."

16 november 2012


IDW Infestation 2 trade paperback covers

"This piece of art was used on the covers for all three of IDW's Infestation II trade paperbacks. There are TWO pieces of art, one which included everything from Prime and SnakeEyes over to the Turtles on the right, and the other piece which includes everything to Prime's left."


Infestation 2 - Volume 1

Livio Ramondelli 

Screenshot of the Wraparound




Infestation 2 - Volume 1

Pencils - Livio Ramondelli 

Screenshot of the Wraparound Pencils

Infestation 2 - Volume 2

Livio Ramondelli 

Screenshot of the Wraparound


Infestation 2 - Volume 2

Pencils - Livio Ramondelli 

Screenshot of the Wraparound Pencils

Infestation 2 - Volume 3

Livio Ramondelli 

Screenshot of the Wraparound


Infestation 2 - Volume 3

Pencils - Livio Ramondelli 

Screenshot of the Wraparound Pencils

Snake Eyes Commission

10 september 2014


Megatron vs. Snake Eyes

"Drawn at WW Las Vegas. 

#megatron #snakeeyes #gijoe #transformers #IDW #livioramondelli"

28 april 2015


Cobra Command

"Just a friendly Cobra staff meeting."

12 juni 2015


Snake Eyes

"Drawn today at @longbeach_cc 

#gijoe #snakeyes #livioramondelli"

12 september 2015

Titans Return #1

SDCC 2016 Exclusive - Livio Ramondelli

"Titans Return and Hasbro worlds unite. Cover for SDCC. #optimusprime #gijoe #mask #micronauts #snakeyees #hasbro #actionman #windblade #rom"

10 juli 2016



"Soundwave and friend. Commission from #sdcc 2016. #transformers #livioramondelli #gijoe"

24 juli 2016


Transformers: Revolution #1

"Cobra Commander only stands in dangerous places! My Transformers: Revolution #1 cover."

Retail Exclusive - Zing Pop Culture - Livio Ramondelli

19 oktober 2016






First Strike

Indiegogo Exclusive Cover - Livio Ramondelli

"Destro and Soundwave. My variant cover for IDW's First Strike."

November 2017

TRANSFORMERS VS. G.I. JOE Exclusive Collection

G.I. Joe & the Transformers clash in this exclusive IGG variant signed by artist Livio Ramondelli!
IDW Publishing - 6 Campaigns - San Diego, United States


$3.910 USD by 49 backers
$3.712 USD by 47 backers on Nov 17, 2017


Your toybox comes alive in IDW Publishing’s TRANSFORMERS vs. G.I. JOE: First Strike! Featuring an incredible Indiegogo-exclusive signed cover from long-time Transformers artist Livio Ramondelli, and with add-ons ranging from rare enamel pins to gorgeous posters, this campaign is for every fan who saw recess as an opportunity to wage war between the Transformers and G.I. Joe!

First Strike #1

See the Transformers and G.I. Joe like you’ve never seen them before! As Earth joins the intergalactic community, a massive explosion threatens the peace. Cobra is invading Cybertron, and only G.I. Joe and the Transformers can save the two worlds! In addition to Livio’s Indiegogo-exclusive cover, we’re offering sets of limited-edition variant covers, including our convention exclusive. And for you completists, we’ve got bundles of all 10 stunning covers to add to your collection!


The Indiegogo Exclusive Comic

  • Art by Max Dunbar
  • Written by Mairghread Scott & David R. Rodriguez
  • Colors by Ander Zarate
  • IGG Exclusive Cover by Livio Ramondelli
  • IGG variant not available anywhere else!

Enamel Pins

  • A must-have for any fan!
  • Traditionally only available at conventions
  • Pin sets are five (5) total pins
  • Pins available are:  Autobot, Decepticon, Bumblebee, Cobra, and Arashikage symbols



  • Designed by legendary artist Tom Whalen
  • Measuring  16" by 24"
  • Each showcases an individual character: Snake Eyes, Megatron, and Optimus Prime
  • Free in the Sketch and First Strike perks


Head Sketches

  • Limited run of 50, signed and drawn by Livio Ramondelli
  • 25 of Optimus Prime & 25  of Snake Eyes
  • Approximately 5.5" by 8.5"
  • NOTE: Sketches vary per character category 


Additional Covers

  • Regular A, B, C, and D Covers by Freddie Williams & Jeremy Colwell, Max Dunbar & Ander Zarate, Alex Ronald, and Rob Duenas
  • Limited-Edition A, B, C and D Covers by Jay Fosgitt, David Fabbri & Monica Kubina, Leonardo Manco, and Whilce Portacio & Thomas Deer
  • Convention-Exclusive Cover by Sara Pitre-Durocher
  • All cover variants of FS#1 are ONLY available in the First Strike packs


Variant Cover Pack
$30 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
7 out of 20 claimed
TF vs. G.I. JOE: FS#1
$10 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
12 out of 70 claimed
Pin Pack
$50 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
3 out of 20 claimed
Snake Eyes Sketch Pack
$60 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
8 out of 15 claimed
Optimus Sketch Pack
$60 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
7 out of 15 claimed
First Strike Pack (Snake Eyes)
$175 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
Only 1 left
First Strike Pack (Optimus)
$175 USD
Est. Shipping
October 2017
3 out of 10 claimed


Soundwave, agent of Cobra

"Commission done today at @ACEcomiccon ! #transformers #GIJoe "

14 januari 2018


Baroness commission

"Drawn today at @emeraldcitycon ! #gijoe "

3 maart 2018


Cobra SoundWave

"Cobra has a new agent! Shockwave commission, drawn today during #FreeComicBookDay at @DrawnToComics !"

23 april 2018


Baroness commission

"Drawn today at @ACEcomiccon while listening to Michael Fassbender's melodic voice from the panel stage behind me."

12 januari 2019


SoundWave & Firefly

"Two commissions from this week. Soundwave (with GI Joe's Firefly) and Starscream (with Wasp Beast Wars Easter egg)."

18 januari 2019


Cobra Commander

31 mei 2019


Cobra Commander & StarScream

"Commission from last week! Both characters in their first iteration voiced by the late, great Chris Latta."

11 februari 2022


Cobra Commander

"Here's a #cobracommander done for pickup at @PhxFanFusion tomorrow! I'll be in Artist Alley all 3 days of the show."

26 mei 2022



11 oktober 2022


Cobra Commander

"Headshots from the last IG livestream I did. Thanks to everyone for coming, was fun to chat! #robocop #volition #cobracommander #gijoe #livioramondelli #livestream"

14 november 2022



"I think most people who know anything at all about GI Joe, know the Cobra BATs! I was excited for the chance to get a piece of art from Livio Ramondelli through 4C Comics and thought since he does such an awesome job with the Transformers, a Battle Android Trooper might be cool. Sure enough, Livio delivered a stunning BAT to my collection!"

ComicArtFans Collection: Shane Simek

28 november 2022


Blanc G.I. Joe Cover Commissions

80's Optimus Prime

16 januari 2021



"Here's another commission from over the weekend! One of my favorite Decepticons. Such a cool design, a lone (largely unsympathetic) eye. In drawing the comics I always enjoyed getting to play around with showing emotions with characters who had such minimal facial features. 

#transformers #livioramondelli #shockwave"

4 april 2019



"Devastator sketch cover, drawn for @tucsoncomiccon ! 

#devastator #transformers #livioramondelli #decepticons"

17 oktober 2016



"Unicron and friends. Recent sketch cover commission. 

#livioramondelli #transformers #unicron #metroplex #omegasupreme #trypticon"

21 juni 2016


DJ Blaster

"Commission done for pickup today at the @phoenixcomicon ! 

#transformers #livioramondelli #blaster #rewind #autobots #sketch"

3 juni 2016



"Drawn on day one of Wondercon! 

#shockwave #transformers #wondercon #livioramondelli"

3 april 2015



"Drawn on a blank cover. 

#soundwave #transformers"

6 oktober 2014



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