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Gepubliceerd op 3 januari 2024 om 11:11

Steve Sublett post pas sinds 3 maanden zijn G.I. Joe Art in de Facebook groep G.I  Joe A Real American Hero Comic Collectors. Wat is het tof om iemand z'n ontwikkeling in zo'n korte tijd te zien. Hij is gegroeid in de basis, de details, compositie, complexiteit en inmiddels kunnen we zelfs korte verhalen van zijn hand lezen. Echt tof! 😎👑🔥

Zijn werk heb ik in omgekeerde chronologie in dit artikel geplaatst, daarmee is al zijn werk van 2023 samengevat. Ik zeg top! 

Oké, oké, oké, omdat ik het werk zo tof vind, heb ik de nieuwjaarswens er ook nog bij geplaatst, de Baroness. 🥳

Yo Joe! 👊🏽


29 december 2023

"Falcon and Stalker are pinned down behind their busted Mauler. Falcon desperately calls team leader Duke for backup but Duke and Covergirl are radio silent as they hide from COBRA Infantry searching for them. A prototype COBRA mech from M.A.R.S. approaches....."


17 december 2023

"Hawk and Hound"


10 december 2023



9 december 2023

"Jody, Lady Jae and Cover Girl.

"Clayton's Angels""


7 december 2023

"As COBRA Rattlers close in to reinforce, a COBRA satellite hits Metroplex from orbit with a massive beam attack."


"My good friend Ryan had this cup made for me using one of my drawings. I love it!!"


30 november 2023

"Flint with A.W.E. Striker"


27 november 2023

"(I had too 😅)

COBRA agent:

Steve 'Super-Sport' Sublett

Professional driver, stunt driver for Hollywood movies. 

*Responsible for special COBRA deliveries and transports into and out of Springfield Illinios.



26 november 2023

"Operation: De-Fang

6 man Joe team lead by Beach Head.

Here Beach Head, Grunt and Shockwave attempt to make their way to the rendezvous point where Wild Bill, Rock n Roll and Flint await for them in a GI Joe Chinook. Cobra Vipers are hot on their tails!"


24 november 2023



24 november 2023

"Re-inked and used my water color pens for the first time. Tried a different aproach for the black."


23 november 2023

"Snake Eyes Killer

Cobra Commander"


20 november 2023



19 november 2023



18 november 2023

"Snow Job"


18 november 2023



17 november 2023

"My take on Scarlett for the Transformers vs GI Joe movie."


13 november 2023



12 november 2023

"Happy Veterans Day!!"


9 november 2023

"The dynamic duo"


6 november 2023

"From scratch and imagination, no references, 1 hour to pencil then ink. I know it's not great but I love to draw GI Joe and the more I draw the better I feel I'm getting. And i like to share the work. I typically practice with references, no tracing. I'm not happy with Commanders arms, especially the right arm, i had it right in sketch then reversed it in ink 😅. Thanks for checking my stuff out fellow Joe's. Yo Joe!!"


6 november 2023

"Who is General Hawk?"


5 november 2023

"Who IS Cobra Commander?"


4 november 2023



27 oktober 2023

"Another mediocre practice drawing fornthe day 😅"


26 oktober 2023

"Always practicing drawing. I love GI Joe and drawing is a hobby that costs $0. Works out well when your always broke 😅.

"There was a time before the COBRA organizations existence. A time for building and making new contacts and connections. Here Mr Snake is meeting Zartan for the first time in the bayou swamps of Louisiana."


20 oktober 2023



12 oktober 2023

"Go Cobra go!! 😅"

7 oktober 2023

"Practice practice practice. Today's drawing with no perspectives or examples, just from scratch."


6 oktober 2023

"Today's drawing."


5 oktober 2023

"Just pencil practice today. Im so bad with faces. Better than I used to be though 😅."


2 oktober 2023

"🤦‍♂️ Faces, hands,feet and proportions. Drawing can be painfully difficult at times 😅."


1 oktober 2023

"Ugg, this one was TOUGH 😅."


30 september 2023

"2 drawings for the day. I'm still struggling with hands LOL"


30 september 2023

"Today's drawing. COOOOBRRAAAAA!!!"


29 september 2023

"COOOBRAAAAA!!! Left hand and pistol not so good. I almost penned it before I took the pencil stage Pic LOL"


29 september 2023

"Practice drawing for the day. I have such a hard time with proportions."


Als afsluiter nog een zelfportret. 😎👑🔥



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