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Gepubliceerd op 30 maart 2023 om 13:09

Kärter AI Artz hermaakt figuren, met een sterke MOTU neiging, van allerlei oude speelgoed- en filmlijsten met nieuwe AI-software. Zo maakte hij inmiddels ook een flinke lading figuren uit het G.I. Joe universum als spierbundel. Ondanks dat er vanuit de artiestenwereld veel weerstand bestaat tegen dit soort creaties, kan ik er nier omheen dat ik het werk van Kärter ontzettend tof vind, erg leuk om naar te kijken! 🔥😎

Daarom heb heb ik al zijn G.I. Joe werk in 1 artikel samengevat. Hierbij ben ik chronologisch te werk gegaan en heb ik zijn beschrijving en de link met datum van het originele artikel op Facebook toegevoegd.

Nu heeft Ted Kärter inmiddels ook een webshop waar je voor een leuke prijs een t-shirt van bijvoorbeeld de Baroness kunt kopen. Deze is er voor mannen en vrouwen in zwart, en voor kinderen zelfs in allerhande kleuren. Deze vind je als eerste hieronder in een galerij.

Daarna door met de vele, vele ontwerpen die hij inmiddels heeft gemaakt. Geniet ervan en voor nieuwe updates moet je dus zeker zijn Facebook of Instagram volgen. 👌🏽🔥

Yo Joe! 👊🏽


Totally awesome Masters of the Universe figures we should have had in the 80's

Part 1 (look for Part 2)



Totally awesome Masters of the Universe figures we should have had in the 80's

Part 2 (look for Part 1)



Outtakes from the last 2 rounds. Some are pretty awesome, some are miserable fails.

Destro - Very cool but still looked a lot like Destro with a bit of Skeletor.



PART 8 Movie Characters as FAKE MOTU characters.

None of these are real. They are only images. You can not buy them.

Ninguno de estos existe. Son solo imágenes. no puedes comprar estos.



One of my first crushes that I can remember as a kid...



Do you have a moment to talk about how COBRA may be the right fit for you?



A real American Hero...



...and knowing, is half the battle!



ROUND 10 PART 1 (look for Part 2 for many more!): Totally gnarly, most excellently awesome, 1980's blast! Shwing!

Snake Eyes from GI Joe

Look, the character is all black, it's pretty tough to make him look that much more different or interesting but I got a lot of requests for him!



ROUND 10 PART 2 (look for Part 1 for many more!): Totally gnarly, most excellently awesome, 1980's blast! Shwing!



Born to be bad...



Working on a bunch of GI Joe characters...hopefully have some tomorrow. Until then, here's some Baroness...



Specializing in violence and destruction, The Dreadnoks are a reprehensible group of mercenaries, vandals and thieves who work for both Zartan and Cobra. They have no regard for anyone or anything but themselves and fast money. 

I'm not imagining the cheesy 80's versions of them...I'm speculating how they would look today in various stages of their careers.



G.I. Joe is the codename for America's daring, highly trained, special mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

--Be sure to look for my Dreadnoks set posted earlier...



If you haven't caught on, I do a lot of parodies of some things and "amplified" versions of some other things.

So when some folks say, "tHAt'S nOT WhAT tHAT chaRACteR LooKs LiKe," no shit. That's the point. If you want to see what the original character looks like, go to that fan page and look at that character until your heart is content. 

A character like Snake Eyes is inherently boring. While cool on the surface, the toy company originally created him to save money on paint. "Why not just have an unpainted toy" was the big idea behind Snake Eyes.

So, how do you make a character that already looks cool but wears ALL BLACK look cooler? We'll you've got to make him look a little different than the original design. So my version of Snake Eyes may not look like the versions of Snake Eyes that you've been seeing for years...that's the point. You don't have to like it, that's fine. But I'm not here to present characters the way you've seen them a thousand times before.

Working on some more Joe's...still have a few MOTU character's to get out from the original toy lines, and need to finalize my next MOTU parody of real people and characters this week. Sorry for the fewer amounts of content the last week or two- been working on a merchandise page for fans wanting some version of these cool images. T Shirts right now. Who knows, maybe real toy figures in the future??






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