Rise and Fall of the 80's Toon Empire - Jason Waguespack

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Rise and Fall of the 80's Toon Empire

Jason Waguespack

A Behind the Scenes Look at When He-Man, G.I. Joe and Transformers Ruled the Airwaves

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At Last, The In-Depth Story of the 1980s' TV Cartoon Explosion, With Dozens Of Quotes From Cartoon Writers and Producers Who Contributed To The '80s Legacy.
He-Man. She-Ra. The Transformers. G.I. Joe. Thundercats. Voltron. Robotech. Rainbow Brite. Care Bears. My Little Pony. Jem. Inspector Gadget. All names that changed American pop culture. Now you'll learn the incredible story behind their arrival on American television.
Rise and Fall of the 80s Toon Empire is a bird's eye view of a time in television history. It not only reveals the creative inspiration behind so many '80s cartoons, but it looks at the overall TV industry - showing how new cartoons were sold to TV stations (hint, the stations didn't pay a penny for many of them), how cartoons helped innovate the selling of home video cassettes, the ratings wars for the attention of young audiences, the fight by He-Man, Optimus Prime and G.I. Joe to conquer the big screen, and in the end, why the toon boom crashed.
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  • 4 oktober 2017
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