Robert Atkins & Ross Persichetti - Een gouden match! 🔥👑👌🏽

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Vandaag deelde Robert Artkins op Facebook een geweldige illustratie van Scrap Iron, voor Renegade Game Studios. Gezien Atkins meestal de pencils of inks van een illustratie verzorgt, was ik benieuwd wie de kleuren had verzorgd. Dit bleek Ross Persichetti te zijn, waar Atkins vol lof over sprak. Uit het bericht bleek dat er meer werk van dit duo moest bestaan en het bleek dat beide heren op hun social media diverse G.I. Joe Art hebben gedeeld. Het blijkt een gouden Match! 🔥👑👌🏽

Hun eerste samenwerking was een illustratie van Quick Kick en Jinx. Zowel Atkins als Persichetti deelde dit. De schets, twee verschillende illustraties, een video en zelfs een foto van het eindproduct, het boek van het spel. Echt te gek! 😎

Maar er was nog veel meer te vinden: een Dr. Mindbender, een Flint, een Zarana en nog veel meer. Dus ik hou jullie niet langer op, ga vooral genieten van al dit geweldige Artwork. Per illustratie heb ik geciteerd wat de artiesten er zelf van zeiden, met een link naar de betreffende post. Mocht er op de website van Ross Persichetti of Robert Atkins nog een andere versie of formaat te vinden zijn, heb ik dit onder de citaten per illustratie gelinkt.

Grappig is dat de 4 witte hoeken in de Scrap Iron afbeelding die Atkins postte, normaal juist te zien waren in de afbeeldingen die Persichetti deelde. Atkins liet vaak een "schone" illustraties zien. Maar dit terzijde... 🙃 Now off you go...

Yo Joe! 👊🏽

Scrap Iron

Robert Atkins:

"Scrap Iron! From the @renegade_game_studios RPG expansion “Operation Cold Iron” line art by @robertatkinsart and colors by @rosspersichetti 

I had so much fun working with Renegade the last couple years on #gijoe . Especially these painted pieces with Ross and seeing my work finished in a whole new way!

#gijoenation #gijoecommunity #hasbro"


Quick Kick & Jinx

Robert Atkins:

"Quick Kick illustration from the upcoming GI Joe RPG, from Renegade Game Studios! Available to preorder now! 

Colors by @rosspersichetti 


@gijoe_nation #gijoe #gijoeclassified #gijoenation @hasbrofanatics @hasbro"

Ross Persichetti:

"Quick Kick and Jinx! This was the very first one I worked on with @robertatkinsart #gijoe #gijoenation #hasbro #illustration #digitalart #digitalpainting #tabletopgames #roleplayinggame #toy #actionfigures"



Dr. Mindbender

Robert Atkins:

"Dr Mindbender!! Another of the previewed illustrations for the upcoming Renegade Studios GI Joe RPG that will be coming out in February! 

This was a piece inspired by a commission I did for Ryan Bonavia a few years ago. So credit to him for the kernel of the idea of the floating dude in the tank!

Also it’s been a blast working with @rosspersichetti on colors for the project! 

#gijoe #gijoecommunity #hasbro #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming"

Ross Persichetti:

"Dr. Mindbender! I figured there was no better way to show the mad lab vibe than to make it green! Shout out to @robertatkinsart for the awesome lines on this dude #gijoe #hasbro #tabletopgames #roleplayinggame #illustration"


Crimson Guard

Robert Atkins:

"Crimson Guard art for the upcoming GI Joe RPG from Renegade Game Studios! The Game should be out this February, I worked on quite a few illustrations for the book. I started last Spring after working on the Deck building game art.

Working with Ross Persichetti on colors who is obviously bringing a lot to each illustration! It has been a very fun collaboration and experience!

#gijoe #tabletoprpg #renegadegamestudios #scadseqa @scadseqa"

Ross Persichetti:

"This one is probably my favorite! Lineart done by the great @robertatkinsart #gijoe #gijoenation #roleplayinggame #tabletopgames #hasbro #digitalart #illustration #digitalpainting"



Robert Atkins:

"More GI Joe illustrations revealed from the upcoming RPG handbook from @renegade_game_studios Taurus art by #scad collab @robertatkinsart and @rosspersichetti 

#tabletopgames #tabletop #tabletopgaming #gijoe #gijoenation #gijoecommunity 

@scaddotedu @scadseqa #scadillustration"

Ross Persichetti:

"G.I. Joe Taurus! I sorta thought of this one as angry Bill Burr with a rocketlauncher @robertatkinsart 

#gijoe #gijoenation #tabletopgames #roleplayinggame #hasbro #illustration #digitalart #digitalpainting"



Robert Atkins:

"Flint! Another Joevember post! With lineart by @robertatkinsart and the first colors done awhile back by @spidermanfan2099 Simon Gough, then repurposed for the GI Joe Role Playing Game for @renegade_game_studios 

Colors (additional bg, finishes) by @rosspersichetti 

#gijoe #ttrpg #gijoecommunity #gijoeart #gijoenation"



Robert Atkins:

"A companion piece to this Zartan [link] from awhile back.

Fun to do, the first time I've drawn her."


Ross Persichetti:

"Here’s another one I enjoyed working on. @robertatkinsart made it easy for me with the original drawing

#gijoe #gijoenation #hasbro #illustration #tabletopgames #roleplayinggame #digitalart #digitalillustration #actionfigures #toys"


Tomax & Xamot

Ross Persichetti:

"Xamot & Tomax, brothers of Cobra! Again @robertatkinsart killed it with the lines on these two! #gijoe #gijoenation #hasbro #illustration #digitalart #digitalillustration #roleplaygame #tabletopgames"


Snow Job

Robert Atkins:

"Another sketch from this last weekends Canadian Joe Con. Probably not surprising that I got this guy as a request, eh?

Snow Job is becoming one of my favorite Joes to draw. Loads of fun!

You can check out my blog post about it here [link]"

Blog Post:

"Here is officially the 3rd Snow job I've ever drawn. This was for Gary Godsoe, one of the members of the "What's On Joe Mind" Podcast. I love this show! Its really a fantastic presentation of all the GI Joe news you could want. They keep you up to date on all the toy releases with reviews and commentary, they have tracked news from the upcoming movie, and conventions across the country. They've also been gracious enough to talk about my artwork from time to time, and I've really appreciated it.

So this was Gary's commission request for the Canadian Joe Con I just got back from. I don't typically go this detailed on my smaller con sketches, but 1. it's Snow Job  and 2. It was for Gary. So that pretty much demanded a good amount of time devoted to the commission.

IDW did a great one-shot comic on Snow Job, I think it's been put in one of the collected trades. But I'm not sure which. I'll have to ask about that. But I have the issue, and if you can find it' I highly recommed it. Also Devils' Due Publishing did a Special Missions:Antarctica that I was the inker on. That was a great single issue story that spotlighted all the Snow Joes. 

For Comments and Questions email me at"


Dusty & Covergirl

Robert Atkins:

"This was a commission I was finally able to get done at Heroes con last weekend. Dusty and Covergirl from GI JOE. Strange enough, I actually have another Dusty and Covergirl that I need to wrap up soon as well for someone else. Popular combo I suppose. Fun to draw both. I feel like Dusty rarely gets the best "screen"time in recent comics or on the cartoon back in the day.

This is what I think a great special missions book would look like. Dusty and Covergirl  take out a terrorist cell, maybe associated with Cobra, maybe not. But a chance to spotlight small 2-5 person special ops teams to go and accomplish an objective in a single story comic. You could easily have rotating writers and artists. But it would be a great chance to spotlight the auxiliary characters whose specialties lie with very specific fields.

I'm going to start calling these team ups "Special Missions Commissions" I realized I have  a few already. I've got a few more to do, maybe after they are all done I could collect them into a sketchbook and we can all wish each was a cover to a really cool story. sigh."

Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes


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