G.I. Joe Greenshirts waren 3.75 inch figuren met 5 punten van articulatie als onderdeel van Wave 1 in de Super7 ReAction G.I. Joe speelgoedlijn. Greenshirts kwamen in 3 varianten: Pink, Tan en Brown. Deze wave kwam in 2021 op de markt en de prijs per figuur was 20,- US Dollar. Greenshirts kwamen met één lasergeweer. 

Het artwork is van Jason Edmiston.

Engelse aankondiging:

You can’t have an army of just flashy heroes; you need some everyday grunts to fill out the ranks. A lot of them! These 3.75” articulated G.I. Joe ReAction Greenshirt figures are just what the General ordered. Available in pink, tan, and brown, they feature standard-issue Army Green fatigues and come with a laser rifle accessory. Whether you have them guarding an installation, storming a Cobra stronghold, or just doing the grunt-work, the Greenshirts ReAction figures will be the glue that holds your G.I. Joe collection together.

Build up your G.I. Joe Greenshirts to face off against the evil Cobra!

Includes laser rifle accessory. Available in pink, tan, and brown variants.

3.75” scale action figure with five points of articulation.

Collect the entire line of G.I. Joe ReAction figures by Super7!

Greenshirt Pink

Greenshirt Tan

Greenshirt Brown