Stalker is een 4,1 inch actiefiguur met 19 punten van articulatie en is onderdeel van de Exquisite Mini speelgoedlijn van Hiya Toys. Stalker werd 31 mei 2024 aangekondigd en zou in het tweede kwartaal van 2025 op de markt verschijnen. Het figuur kost 24.99 US Dollar en komt met diverse accessoires, verwisselbare handen.


Engelse aankondiging:

Now EXQUISITE MINI Series 1/18 Stalker action figure from G.I.Joe is ready to move!
Stalker of G.I.Joe, skilled in translation and medic, is renowned for his combat prowess and leadership abilities. He was the leader of a street gang in Detroit before joining G.I.Joe. His proficiency in multiple languages, extensive command experience, and acute insight into combat environments make him an indispensable figure in the struggle against threats.
This brand new Stalker action figure stands at 11cm in height. Based on the original appearance of the G.I.Joe, wearing gray-green camouflage uniform with scars, complemented by ribbed cuffs sleeves, adding vintage style with modernity. Rugged facial features and stern expression highlight Stalker's seasoned veteran status. Combat uniform features holsters, esaily carrying various tactical equipment and tools like suppressor. In terms of accessories, Stalker comes with rifle, SMG, handgun, and more, all finely etched even at the 1/18 scale, with additional 2x interchangeable hand parts, allowing to recreate a variety of poses.
Furthermore, an exclusive G.I. Joe series display base is included, simulating a battle-scarred ground with scattered bullet shells and debris, enabling you to recreate a realistic battlefield atmosphere in the comfort of your home!
* Pictures for reference only, specific products in kind prevail.
Price: 24.99 USD

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