Lady Jaye is een 4 inch actiefiguur met 17 punten van articulatie en onderdeel van de Exquisite Mini speelgoedlijn van Hiya Toys. Lady Jaye werd 31 augustus 2023 aangekondigd en zou in het eerste kwartaal van 2024 op de markt verschijnen. Het figuur kost 24.99 US Dollar en komt met diverse accessoires en verwisselbare handen.


Engelse aankondiging:

New Item of Hiyatoys EXQUISITE MINI series

A master of blending in wherever she goes, Lady Jaye doesn’t just disguise herself as her subject, she becomes her subject. She mimics body language, quirks in dialect, and even the subtle gestures that mark each person like a fingerprint. She speaks countless languages with a perfect accent, enabling her to go undercover in any region around the globe and spy on Cobra operations.

This brand-new Lady Jaye action figure stands at 102mm tall and features 17 articulation points. Faithfully recreating original design from the G.I. Joe. From basic olive drab work uniform to tactical belt, tactical backpack, and other accessories. Even on the 1/18 scale, no detail is spared.

In terms of weaponry accessories, Lady Jaye comes equipped with her iconic spear launcher, while tactical dagger cleverly fits snugly into her tactical belt. The camera device on her tactical backpack supports multi-segment rotation, and the spearhead can be detached from the launcher, providing you with increased playability. Additionally, the product includes a set of interchangeable hand parts for displaying different poses and combat actions.

Furthermore, an exclusive base from G.I. Joe is included. It simulates a ground scorched by battle, scattered with shell casings and debris, enabling you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home!

Release time: 2024 Q1

Hiya Toys