Flint is een 4 inch actiefiguur met 19 punten van articulatie en onderdeel van de Exquisite Mini speelgoedlijn van Hiya Toys. Flint werd 31 augustus 2023 aangekondigd en zou in het eerste kwartaal van 2024 op de markt verschijnen. Het figuur kost 24.99 US Dollar en komt met diverse accessoires en verwisselbare handen.


Engelse aankondiging:

Now, you can own this brand new Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Flint action figure. Flint is a mission specialist and leader for G.I.Joe, providing tactical information and training to the team to make sure they’re ready for whatever Cobra throws at them. He's a living database of scenarios and tactics, and always has his team prepared when he leads them into the field. Flint never lets a little — or a lot — of hard work stop him from tackling a challenge. For Flint, success isn’t the point, he’s constantly striving to push himself beyond expectations, even his own.

With his resolute face and piercing eyes, Flint is unmistakable. He wears a fitted camouflage combat suit, ensuring ease of movement on the battlefield. The addition of black gloves provides protection and enhances his agility.

Flint's combat suit is equipped with multiple pockets and hooks, allowing him to carry various tactical gear and tools. He is always armed with a tactical rifle and other weapons, prepared for any situation. The meticulously crafted accessories, including tactical rifles, handguns, and holsters, faithfully capture every detail, even at the 1/18 scale.

Stands at 105mm high, feature 19 points of articulation, offers a wide range of dynamic poses. With additional interchangeable hand parts, you can display it in different stances. The figure also comes with a unique base, simulating a war-torn ground with scattered bullet shells and debris, allowing you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in your own home!

Release time: 2024 Q1

Hiya Toys