Destro is een 4,1 inch actiefiguur met 17 punten van articulatie en onderdeel van de Exquisite Mini speelgoedlijn van Hiya Toys. Destro werd 31 oktober 2023 aangekondigd en zal in het tweede kwartaal van 2024 op de markt verschijnen. Het figuur kost 24.99 US Dollar en komt met diverse accessoires en verwisselbare handen.


Engelse aankondiging:

Destro From G.I.Joe joins Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series!

A brilliant businessman, weapons developer, and engineer, Destro strictly adheres to a quiet personal code that places war, profit, and the success of his own family above all other things. He excels at brokering deals, clandestine negotiations, and double-cross missions. His refined and highly advanced weaponry continues to reshape modern warfare.

This brand-new Destro action figure stands at 110mm tall and features 17 articulation points. Faithful recreation of Destro's original setting from G.I. Joe, featuring the classic Cobra design, a tactical outfit with missile that attach to his gauntlet, thigh holsters and combat boots.

In terms of weaponry accessories, Destro comes equipped with his Cobra briefcase, laser pistol and golden blaster. Additionally, it includes 2x interchangeable hand parts, allowing you to display different styles and gestures. Furthermore, an exclusive base from G.I. Joe is included. It simulates a ground scorched by battle, scattered with shell casings and debris, enabling you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home!

Release time: 2024 Q2

Hiya Toys