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Will Meugniot is een levende legende. De hoeveelheid kunst, in welke vorm dan ook, die hij de wereld heeft geschonken, is ongekend groot. Hem volgen op Facebook is dan ook een dikke tip, de tsunami aan werk uit de oude doos is overweldigend. Gister zag ik een illustratie van G.I. Joe die ik nog wel herkende en gaf het een ❤️. Vandaag deelde Meugniot zowaar de afbeelding opnieuw. Hierbij schreef hij de volgende tekst:

"Reposting from 4 years ago: My pencil comp for it alongside the finished GI Joe A Real American Hero Season One promo poster. The finished art turned up in a lot of places, including Entertainment Weekly, and as I shared a couple of months back, the cover of an issue of Comics Interview.

I'd been asked to design it as a painted piece like the original Transformers poster, hence all the shading. At the last minute, Sunbow or Marvel decided to do it as an 'inked drawing' instead. Neither Russ Heath or I had time to do the inking, so the girls in ink and paint had to sort it out -- and did a remarkably good job."

Fantastisch om de tekening te zien en het verhaal te lezen, want in Nederland kennen we deze illustratie van de VHS video "Vloek der voorvaderen", Sins of our Fathers. Man oh man wat ik die video grijs gedraaid en daarmee de kaft vaak bekeken zeg... Om nu de potlood tekening te zien, fantastisch gewoon! 🔥😎👑

Nu leverde deze foto in de comments een leuk gesprek op, tussen Adam Riches en Will Meugniot, over de poster van G.I. Joe The Movie. Wie heeft deze ontworpen? Dat is het vraagstuk... Deze poster heb ik voor de helderheid onderaan dit artikel ook toegevoegd. 👌🏽🔥

Adam Riches:

"Do you happen to know who illustrated the 1987 movie poster? It uses a very similar style and even layout/composition, but I imagine you were probably way too busy working on the movie to have been doing the poster for it."

Will Meugniot:

"Adam Riches I'm not certain, but I seem to remember Keith Tucker mentioning that he'd done the comp for it. Maybe he'll confirm or deny my hazy recollection."

Will Meugniot:

"While the movie was in production, I was too busy to work on the poster. Boarding sequences of it was a side job for me while I produced on Jem, designed some commercials and did a little troubleshooting on Defenders of the Earth which had gone off the rails for a few months. Busy, happy times."

Adam Riches:

"I had actually asked Keith about this a while back, and Keith said he drew season 2 storyboards for Sunbow, and his recollection was that Boyd Kirkland may have been the person who pencilled the poster, but Boyd is unfortunately no longer with us to ask.

I could only imagine how busy you must've been juggling all that. I'm endlessly impressed by the all the work you share, even more so when I realize a lot of it was probably occurring simultaneously!"

Will Meugniot:

"Now that you mention it -- it does feel Boyd-ish to me, particularly the angle and detailing of the foreground boot. I think Keith nailed it."

De schets van de G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Season One Promo Poster is dus van Will Meugniot en de schets van de poster van G.I. Joe The Movie komt dus van Boyd Kirkland, waarschijnlijk. Heerlijke informatie om tot je te nemen op een rustige dinsdagmiddag. Want zoals je weet... Knowing is half the Battle! 🔥😎👑👌🏽

Yo Joe! 👊🏽

Edit/update 13 juli 2022:

Zie onderaan dit bericht! 😎🔥

G.I. Joe The Movie Poster

Edit/update 13 juli 2022:

op Facebook had Will Meugniot blijkbaar al eerder iets gedeeld met dezelfde illustratie. Dit wilde ik jullie niet onthouden. 😎🔥

"Another issue of Comics Interview featuring cover art by me, credited to Sunbow who released it to the magazine. I did the Joe series poster as a shaded pencil drawing with the understanding that it was to be fully painted like the Transformers series poster. But someone decided (to save money) that they'd rather have it done as line art with a painted cel color treatment. Neither Russ Heath or I had time to ink it, so the task fell upon the slender shoulders of the ladies of Marvel's ink and paint department who took on the job of tracing the art onto cel, and did a brilliant job of both the line work and the color shading."

Ook hier vond in de comments weer iets leuks plaats! 

Joe Harper:

"Who were the ladies of Marvel’s Ink and Paint Dept. ?"

Will Meugniot:

"Joe Harper The two that I remember seeing work on this were Myrna Gibbs, who did the wonderful line work and Mary-Ann Stewart who was in charge of the department."



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