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Talking Joe Comics Podcast 78

Gepubliceerd op 26 juni 2020 om 19:21

Op Twitter liet Talking Joe Comics weten dat er weer een nieuwe podcast is verschenen. Hierin wordt gesproken over koetjes en kalfjes, de comics A Real American Hero #197 en #198 en niet te vergeten... speelgoed!


TALKING JOE 78 - Riding the mine cart, S-Jubbs get's some wheels & Did I miss something?

It's the sumptuous 78th ep of the only podcast that features a South African Siri appearance. Inside issues 197 &198 we get more Sierra Gordo shenanigans... suckin' chest wounds, Snake Eyes geting violent and CC in the P.I.T....say wha??? Elsewhere, S-Jubbs gets drunk, Chief buys a new game, snacks get consumed, prangs happen and we ask listeners about the newly announced Retro Toy Line!

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