G.I. Joe Art - Adam Withers

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Adam Withers maakte zo'n 10 jaar geleden vijf illustraties in het G.I. Joe thema. Ondanks zijn enthousiasme voor het merk, is het sinds die tijd stil gebleven op Joe-level. Dus duiken we voor dit G.I. Joe Art artikel de archieven in van DeviantArtArtStation en ComicArtFans. 🔥🔥🔥

Te gekke illustraties, maar nogmaals jammer dat er geen recenter werk te vinden was... Maar des te meer reden om te genieten van wat we wel hebben, en niet rouwen om wat er niet is. 💡

Yo Joe! 👊🏽


Oktober Guard: Horrorshow

2012 (Shane Simek Collection - ComicArtFans)

"Commission from Wizard-World Ohio 2012; Copic marker, ink, white paint pen.

This was a fun one. I've said it before and I'll say it again - big, gnarly, hairy, grizzled and gruff dudes are a blast to draw. The more haggard the better, says I!

And what fun this was, to be given the most stereotypically Russian looking member of the Oktober Guard Soviet special operations unit. Thus, I swapped his rocket launcher for some Russian tap-water."

Beachhead and Dusty


"Private commission, 2014; Copic marker, ink, white paint pen.

I don't get to do many GIJoe pieces, but I tend to really dig in when I do. Especially for the characters I like, and these two are pretty great. I mostly used the recent Sideshow action figures as reference because I found they strike the perfect balance between actual military gear and the spirit of the classic cartoon designs."


Dreadnok Torch

2011 (Shane Simek Collection - ComicArtFans)

"Commission from Mid-Ohio Con 2011; Copic marker, ink, white paint pen.

There's something great about the Dreanoks. They're all filthy, grimy, skeezy old bikers; you look at pictures of them and you can practically smell them, all leather and smoke, gasoline and liquor. If you draw a Dreadnok and he looks like a dude you'd want to hang out with, either you drew him wrong or you ARE a Dreadnok.

So why was Torch one of my 2 favorites? Mustache powers. And those rocking aviator shades. Why was he number 2? Because Buzzer took fools out with a dang CHAINSAW!

...Number 3 was Ripper, largely because he was pretty much Macho Man Randy Savage as a Dreadnok, and that is inherently awesome."



2012 ComicArtFans - Justin D. Collection.



2012 ComicArtFans - John Thurmond Collection



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