G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero Issue 1

Gepubliceerd op 1 januari 2014 om 00:01

Source: Check Point Alpha

This issue contains two stories - Operation: Lady Doomsday and Hot Potato.

Operation: Lady Doomsday - The Joes are sent in to rescue Dr. Adele Burkhart from the clutches of COBRA before her secrets are revealed.

Hot Potato - Scarlett, Snake-Eyes and Rock 'N Roll are tasked with getting a tape containing sensitive information out of Colonel Sharif's tightly controlled emirate.


Bob McLeod, cover, inker

Don Perlin, penciler

Glynis Oliver Wein, colorist

Herb Trimpe cover, penciler

Jack Abel, inker

Jim Novak, letterer

Jim Shooter, editor

Larry Hama, writer

Rick Parker, letterer

Tom DeFalco, editor


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