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De laatste week van november startte de legendarische G.I. Joe comics artiest Robert Atkins met #Joevember 2022, een maand waarin artiesten iedere dag een G.I. Joe illustratie delen op hun sociale media. Maar Atkins zou Atkins niet zijn als hij, ondanks de late start, niet met geweldig mooi materiaal naar buiten zou komen, en dat doet hij dan ook! Zowel oude als nieuwe werken, veelal ingekleurd door Antonio Ramos Wong uit Peru. 30 kunstwerken om van te smullen! 😎🔥🔥🔥

In zijn eerste Tweet van de reeks zegt Atkins:

I’ll be posting new colored art, from @AntonioRamosWg over some new and older #gijoe pieces I’ve done for the remainder of #joevember

Nu zag ik later pas dat hij dit ook op zijn Facebook pagina, Robert Atkins Art, had gedeeld, en daar waren soms per post meer detailfoto's te vinden. Die heb ik er voor de volledigheid natuurlijk bij geplaatst.

In de titel van het werk vind je de link naar de desbetreffende tweet, daarachter heb ik (FB) geplaatst met de link naar de desbetreffende Facebook pagina. Het is echt een tsunami aan gruwelijk vette illustraties... 🔥

Daar gaan we dan, Yo Joe! 👊🏽

Snake Eyes (FB)

Jinx (FB)


Gung-Ho and Lady Jaye (FB)

For Joevember! This is art from GI Joe Deck Building Game: Coldsnap by @renegade_game_studios

Original art sale: 6x9 art plate, with Joe logo, DM me if interested. Shown in post.

Colors by @brianatkinsart

Deze originele Art is dus nog te koop! 


Palace of Doom: Cobra Sentinel Battle! (FB)

Card art from the Coldsnap expansion from @renegade_game_studios 


Dawn Moreno (FB)

Dawn for todays first a Joevember post! @nethodiaz obviously had the biggest hand in her design! I’m glad I got to draw her in my last run on ARAH: SnakeHunt series for IDW.

Line art by @robertatkinsart 

Colors by @AntonioRamosWg 

#gijoe #gijoecommunity #gijoenation


Lifeline (FB)

I really enjoyed doing this commission. I had never got to draw him before. @spidermanfan2099 Simon Gough colored this up for me and did an amazing job!


Hotsauce (FB)

1/2. Hotsauce! The Officially Unofficial Puerto Rican GI Joe! I’ve been sneaking this guy into GI Joe comics and covers since 2009!😎🤣

Lineart by @robertatkinsart
Colors by @antonio_ramosw_colorist

2/2. As always shout out and credit to @quiko_art and @eahernandez_art my Puerto Rican bros for the design and @followthekaiser Bryan Tillman for hosting that awesome night at your place where we brainstormed this guy into existence!


Lowlight (FB)

Cool design and often WAY underutilized in the books. IMO.

I’ll be posting every few hours for the next 3 days. It’ll be fun to still squeeze in 30 Joes in 30 days!

Line art by @robertatkinsart

Colors by @spidermanfan2099


Firefly (FB)

For my next Joevember post, this was just a convention commission. I typically enjoy drawing a hint of potential story into these character shots when I can!

Linecart by @robertatkinsart 

Colors by @spidermanfan2099


Beachhead (FB)

Joevember Cover, another blank cover commission! One thing I love about these are if they’re drawn detailed enough, and especially colored, then they are indestinguishable from published work!

Line art by @robertatkinsart
Colors by @AntonioRamosWg


Baroness and Destro (FB)

2-for-1 on this post. This was an example of someone that commissioned a blank sketch cover and was patient with my schedule. 

When I say patient, I mean years. 😳😰

Now he also had 4 large, multi character commissions simultaneously ordered (all completed btw) and that was part of it, but still…there’s a LOT of “name and shame” mentality online when it comes to “late” commission work. 

I never promise when my commissions get done, but I promise they do and often for those that paid ahead I offered refunds multiple times if it was taking awhile.

Ultimately some are willing to wait for me to fit these in and others aren’t. I don’t hold any hard feelings when they don’t want to wait any longer. 

When they do wait, I do my absolute best to make it worth it. 

When you commission a sketch and get a cover quality piece???? Would you rather just get the fast sketch? I’m genuinely curious. 

I can see how some would want that quick sketch style and not wait as long (but they should communicate that ahead of time too).

Some artists just do commissions full time and turn them around in 2weeks-a month etc. I’m not talking about that scenario.

I’m talking about artists that are on full time books, video games, animated shows…full time deadlines trying to fit in a commission on their “free time” to satisfy a fan-base. That’s a different schedule entirely. 

#gijoe #gijoenation #gijoecommunity #gijoeart


Flint (FB)

Joevember With lineart by @robertatkinsart first colors by @spidermanfan2099 Simon Gough, then repurposed for the GIJoe Role Playing Game for @PlayRenegade 

Colors (additional bg, finishes) by @rosspersichetti 

#gijoe #ttrpg #gijoecommunity #gijoeart #gijoenation


Beachhead (FB)

I think this was my favorite card from the @renegade_game_studios Deck Building Game Shadow of the Serpent. I think it’s my favorite Beachhead too and I’m reluctant to sell the original 😅😬…but I could be convinced 😉


Wetsuit (FB)

I’m going to post a flurry of Joes tonight to wrap up Joevember. Sorry ahead of time for spamming, but it’s the last day!

Line art by @robertatkinsart 

Colors by @spidermanfan2099 


Flash (FB)

My favorite of the OG 13! There are so many guys I meet that tell me he was their first Joe figure!

Colors by @spidermanfan2099 


Airtight (FB)

Ireally enjoy drawing the auxiliary Joe characters. Whenever I’d be commissioned to draw them it was a nice change of pace! 

Colors by @spidermanfan2099 Simon Gough


Outback (FB)

It’s Joevember here on the Eastcoast for another 90 min😅😂

I was amazed at the reaction this piece has gotten, there’s a lot of love out there for Outback in the Joe fan base that I didn’t realize until I had drawn this and @spidermanfan2099 did the colors


Scarlett Infiltrator (FB)

This was a NYCC commission I drew In the hotel lobby as I got to know @frenchwookiee for the first time! I have very fond memories of drawing this piece! 

How would you like this for a “convention sketch”? 😁

Colors @spidermanfan2099 


Sgt. Slaughter (FB)

If you’re keeping count, this is #28 of the Joevember posts!

Like I said…this just scratches the surface. None of these are the comic covers I’ve done. They’ve mostly just been private commission pieces. 

Colors by @spidermanfan2099


Commando Snake Eyes (FB)

Joevember. An example of doing a commission, @spidermanfan2099 color, THEN IDW needed a cover last minute and I had this already done. Happened 3-4 times. Commissions done first, but would become a cover officially overnight!


Na het lezen van deze Tweet, werd ik natuurlijk erg nieuwsgierig welke cover dit dan was geworden. Het bleek #18 van al even geleden.



Serpentor (FB)

JOEVEMBER #30 and that’s it! 30 fully inked and colored pieces, mostly commissions, done over the years of my favorite characters and property I love! A be huge part of my career and more on the way with @PlayRenegade 

Serpentor color by @spidermanfan2099 Simon Gough


Robert Atkins

Wanneer iemand kunst maakt, draait het voor mij om de kunst, maar als ik iemands werk structureel tof vind, word ik ook benieuwd naar de persoon achter de kunst. Op mij komt hij over als een erg vriendelijke, zachte, goedlachse familieman met een zeldzaam groot GIJoe-hart, en hieronder zie je een foto van hem. 

Hopelijk kunnen we nog heel lang genieten van zijn fantastische G.I. Joe Art! 💪🏽😎🔥🔥🔥

Robert Atkins, enorm bedankt weer voor #Joevember 2022! 🙏🏼❤️


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