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Gepubliceerd op 2 januari 2023 om 02:26

Tadd Galusha tekende de Retail Incentive (RI) Cover van G.I. Joe issue 3, van Allor en Evenhuis, en plaatste van zijn proces wat afbeeldingen op zijn website met onderstaande tekst. Érg tof!!! Ook vond ik nog een extra afbeelding ergens online. Allemaal tof genoeg om er een "G.I. Joe Art" artikel van te maken! 😎👑🔥

Got it Covered

An array of the light spectrum is hyper focused through a clear gelatinous lens. The light upon being processed forms an image. This image is then transformed into a series of electrical impulses that travel along a general pathway to a processing center, where upon receiving the data the image is processed for analysis. Great. Fantastic. What drear is this “technical manual” regurgitation referencing to?

Replace “pathway” with optic nerve and “processing center” with the brain, and this is how a human has the ability to see the world. So that human then walks into their local, independently owned, comic shop. They peruse the aisles of freshly printed material with wide gawking eyes searching for that next potential meal of mental consumption. The covers of said fresh produce immediately fire upon the human’s eyes with a barrage of tantalizing and thundering rays spanning from all across the color spectrum. Each cover hoping to achieve an intended death blow to the human will of financial restraint.

The coveted “Cover Art” the first and last thing that is ever seen on a book. I recently did some cover work. I don’t know if it’s reflective light is necessarily going to blow proverbial minds of comic inclined patrons, but I tried. If they at lease forge some interest, I’ll be happy.

GI Joe is doing a relaunch this September. Here was my approach for the variant.

Yo Joe! 👊🏽


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